virtual blessingway

Virtual Baby Shower – Celebrating During Social Distancing with Zoom

Our lives have changed so much since COVID-19, and so many of our plans have been canceled. Yet, one thing that cannot be canceled is birth. You may have experienced the dilemma of what to do with the baby shower you have helped plan. The expecting parent, and the baby, deserve to be celebrated! But…

Torso of pregnant woman with backache - pain in red

Why Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can offer many amazing benefits.

baby shower alternative

Blessingway – an Empowering Alternative to a Baby Shower

Baby showers can be a great way for new moms to be celebrated, but let’s be honest – it can get a little old playing the same game of guessing what candy bar has been melted in a diaper. What if there was a different way to come around an expecting mom so that she…

Loving new mother practising skin-to-skin time with newborn baby

10 Tips to Help with Healing after Birth

Birth has been described as many things and among them: a marathon, exhausting, a train wreck. As a doula and childbirth educator I believe birth is beautiful, magical, amazing and empowering but I also know the toll a woman’s body goes through during labor and the importance of taking time to heal after. Some traditions…

real food for pregnancy

Real Food for Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time where you are bombarded with lots of information and opinions. What you can and cannot do. What you can and cannot eat.  And I’ve been there! It’s frustrating, especially when you try and follow what the doctor says but you see conflicting information. For me, I was most concerned with…

why i became a doula

The Start of a Passion – Becoming a Doula

One question people I hear quite often is why I ended up becoming a doula and a childbirth educator. I love answering it because it encompasses my whole philosophy of birth. It started during my pregnancy with my first child. At the time, we were living in Mexico, but being only an hour and a…

Birth – More Than Just a Healthy Mom and Baby

“At least you have a healthy baby and you are okay!”   How many times have I heard these words said to a mother who just went through a delivery that was very different then what she had hoped for.  More often than I have hoped.  The person who says these words are meaning to…

Lansing Birth Plan Support

How to Write a Birth Plan

Need help on how to write a birth plan? You may have already heard the term birth plan.  It’s a document that is drafted by the expecting parents about how they plan on having their birth go. But the thing is birth often doesn’t follow our plans, so it is good to look at all…

Adrenaline in Labor

Labor Stress & Adrenaline in Labor

So you are laboring at home beautifully – things are progressing well.  Contractions are 3-4 minutes apart so you and your partner decide it’s time to head to the hospital, your chosen place of birth.  You waddle as gracefully as you can to labor and delivery triage and they place the monitors on you to…

hormones labor

Fear and Anxiety in Giving Birth

Did you know that fear and anxiety in giving birth can affect regular labor? When we are afraid our body tenses up and releases adrenaline. Let’s talk about each of these effects. Today I will talk about tension and next week I will talk about the effects of adrenaline. One of our first reactions, when…